Our purpose is to make dreams come true for everyday people. While we would love to bless every essential worker, we can only do so much at a time. For our most recent campaign, we wanted to bless a local Tampa essential worker with a dream come true.

Essential workers are really care workers, in every sense of the word and doing much more than letting us stay at home. Essential workers are living on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, up close and personal.

For those in hospitals and the health care system, the experience can be both tragic and uplifting. They’re seeing what this disease is doing to people each and every day, even if they’re not a doctor or a nurse.

We had an entry period from March 1st – March 14th for people to self-nominate or nominate other essential workers who they feel deserve a dream come true.

And the winners are …. but ssssshhh it’s still a surprise. 

Afterward, the Dream Team went over the dreams and selected this beautiful family of three.

The husband and wife are both respiratory therapists with a 12-year-old daughter. They have worked on the front lines since the start of the pandemic, working 12-hour shifts. Many times they are like ships passing through the night working opposite shifts, so one parent can always be with their daughter.

Someone actually nominated the husband for The Essential (Worker) Dream Giveaway, but his dream was a Caribbean vacation for his wife and daughter. However, after hearing his story and his selflessness, we wanted to surprise him as well and include him in the giveaway.

The essential role of Respiratory Therapists during COVID-19

While many people may not have heard of a respiratory therapist until the pandemic, they have been an integral member of the health care team for decades. They work with patients from newborn through hospice care, helping to manage patients with breathing and airway problems.

Respiratory therapists have a very active role in helping patients affected with COVID-19. Many patients with COVID-19 experience shortness of breath and low oxygen levels. Respiratory therapists help to manage the devices that can deliver high levels of oxygen therapy. These devices might include:

  • Heated high flow nasal cannulas
  • Non-invasive ventilation (wearing a tight-fitting mask and using pressures to help with shortness of breath and oxygen delivery)
  • Ventilators


What we’re asking for & what we want to give:

  • Goal $5000
  • All inclusive resort
  • Round trip airfare tickets
  • New Luggage
  • Trip excursions
  • Spa Treatments & More surprises

What’s also a surprise is that they don’t know they have been chosen. We will surprise them on May 15th.

How can you help?

Sponsorship – If you want to sponsor a portion of the trip, please email me at Dream@TheKnightenProject.org

Donate – If you want to donate cash towards the Essential (Worker) Giveaway, please click here bit.ly/essentialdreamdonation

Share – Please share this giveaway with your friends and family. We can really impact the lives of this family.  bit.ly/essentialdream