Bernetta Knighten

Bernetta is a Chicago native, a married mother of three who lives in Tampa, FL. She currently hosts a podcast, Dream Girl, Dream!, works for PwC, a 2x published author, publishes a lifestyle blog, since 2010. She’s a proud Alumni of Alabama State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. During her maternity leave for her youngest child, she came up with the idea of creating an organization whose sole purpose is to change people’s lives, one dream and positive action at a time.

After watching Oprah & Ellen consistently give to others, their actions ignited Bernetta’s philanthropic passion and deep desire to change people’s lives. She aspires to restore hope in everyday people who have given up on their dreams because of the day-to-day life routines.

Shatavia Elder

Shatavia is known for bringing transformative ideas and ground-breaking solutions to the field of education. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of Education for the Atlanta History Center, where she leverages diverse resources of the institution to develop innovative and immersive experiences for students of all ages.

Shatavia trains global educators and leaders to integrate practical leadership principles into their core curriculum standards. Her personal vision is to include self-discovery, purpose, and planning into the curriculums of formal educational systems on a global level so that students will use their time, talents, and resources more effectively in society. Shatavia enjoys dreaming up big ideas in her spare time, wearing cozy socks, and traveling with her husband and son.

Elizabeth Acquaah-Harrison

Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of South Florida. She spent two years working as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) with a prominent pediatric practice in Tampa, FL. Combining her love of travel and working with children, she spent 7 years as a travel SLPA in the public schools in Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and California. Elizabeth hung up her traveling shoes, and now works at PwC.

Aseelah Knighten