Dreams are things that fill each and every one of us with hope and excitement.

Have you ever had a dream that you believed would not come true because you didn’t have the money, opportunity, or network to actually make it happen and/or fear of failure?

How does The Knighten Project work?

  • Someone nominates a person or they nominate themselves.
  • We partner with brands, sponsors and donors to grant the request.
  • We present the Dreamer with their ONE dream.
  • All we ask, is that they pass it on by nominating someone else and take one more step in following their dream by taking a Knighten Project Dream Course.

Did you ever have a dream, that you’ve simply stopped dreaming because life has gotten in the way? When we were younger, we had no limitations on our imagination. Now, due to certain circumstances that have catapulted you into adulthood, the everyday 9-5 hustle and bustle – you no longer think it’s (whatever it is) possible.

For example (the process):

  • Mary J.’s one big dream is to take her family to Disney.
  • Mary J. enters her dream on TheKnightenProject.org
  • XYZ Brand sees her dream on TKP website and would like to make it come true.
  • The Knighten Project & XYZ Brand work out the logistics and create a creative way to surprise Mary J. and her family.
  • Mary J. is given a 7 Day Family Vacation to Disney on behalf of The Knighten Project and XYZ Brand
  • Mary J. pays if forward by nominating Tim P. whose dream is own a home.
  • The cycle continues.

Pursing your dreams comes with many benefits. Although, we can’t grant every one of your dreams, we’d like to help with ONE, the BIG ONE! Through brand partnerships, sponsorships & donations will be able to grant dreamers with ONE life changing dream request.

Simple. You are going to be thinking anyway, so think BIG!

We believe one blessing or one dream granted can change someone’s life forever.

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret.