I’ve come to love our Dream Chat series because it allows us to see people who are following their dreams on their own terms.

This month, I am excited to interview my fellow collage alumni and mocha mom, April Moncrief on the topic of Dreams, Divorce and Re-Marriage.

April is always full of life and many would say, the life of the party. She always carries a smile and something wonderful to say about her husband. One thing that people say often about April is, “The girl loves herself some Herman!” She always shows her love unconditionally wherever she goes for her husband and many women admire that from afar. Their love appears so deep, so connected and on one accord.

But April will be the first to tell you, what you see now came about through a process. A divorce! That’s right, she actually had to divorce her husband to get the marriage of her dreams!

Now, not only is her marriage thriving, she is sharing her lessons in her new book, How My Divorce Saved My Marriage which is quickly becoming a best seller.

Here’s a small introduction about the book:

Are you ready to have a marriage filled with love, compassion, and security? In this raw and intimate account, April Moncrief shares the profound pain of ending her “perfect” marriage in divorce. But she also gives readers the specific steps she took to pull her family back together.

High school sweethearts Herman and April always knew they wanted to be husband and wife. From the beginning, they envisioned building a family and a life together. Determined to be different from everyone else, they would not only make it last, they’d make their marriage a shining example of two people coming together to achieve the American dream.

The big house, nice cars, perfect children, and thriving careers—they wanted it all. When the couple finally married, much of that dream came true. But it didn’t take long for the stress of modern life to erode, and finally dismantle, what they’d established together.

Devastated by the loss, April and her husband refused to give up. Packed with strategies to help you have the kind of marriage you’ve dreamed of, How My Divorce Saved My Marriage offers hope in a time when so many struggle to balance their relationships with the demands of modern life.

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In this month’s Dream Chat, we’ll talk to April Moncrief who will share her struggles and strategies that helped turn what could have been tragic into a dream marriage and now a dream career.

If you want to purchase her book on Kindle or Amazon before the chat, click HERE.

If you are any of these things, this DreamChat is for you:

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  • Happily married but want more encouragement..

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