Whether you have one child or 5 children, back to school can be an expensive time of year.

We wanted to bless one family and help take away some of the financial burden that comes with preparing for school.

The purpose of The Knighten Project is to bless people with their One Big Dream. We recently ran a successful contest for any family that wanted help school supplies this year. We are happy to announce the winners of this contest were The Hammond Family of Dallas, GA.

Enjoy our short video of our 1st giveaway! We were very excited!

The Hammond’s have three school age children at each level (high school, middle & elementary) so preparing for a new year is a challenge in itself. After informing Mrs. Hammond of the news that they won the contest, she sent us over her school supply list.

We were blessed ourselves to be able to get everything on her list for all three of her children. To see the look on her families face when we arrived reminded me how powerful the gift of giving is.

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