A little over a year ago, I was frustrated with certain things in my life and I just blurted out to my husband, “I am going to stop dreaming. I am just going to live this life, raise these kids and be your wife. That’s it!” I was so serious.

He immediately said, “NO! If anyone can’t stop dreaming, it you babe!”

About a week after that, we were in church and my Bishop was ministering the Word and was about to end service and said that he needs to speak with one more person before he closes. He started walking down my isle and as I looked down at my watch, I heard, “It’s You!” I was shocked and stood very still. He said, “The Lord wanted me to tell you, Don’t Stop Dreaming! No matter what you do, do not stop dreaming! You have something special in you that is going to help a lot of people and you will change lives.”

I received that word and really sat with myself for a while. I thought, maybe I shouldn’t stop dreaming. It’s not like I really wanted to anyway. I believe I told my husband that because I was just mad that it seemed like life was going so slow. I was frustrated and in that small period of time, I was going to just give up! I am glad my husband told me not to stop dreaming, followed by a Word from my Bishop.

Since then, my dreams have been full force and you are on the website of my biggest dream right now (The Knighten Project)!! Thank YOU GOD! I am going for it!

What about you?

Have you given up? Have you stopped, staled, or quit dreaming?


Do you still think your dream is possible? Guess what? It is.

Do you think you are too old? Guess what? You’re not!

Do you think you can’t make it happen because you don’t have the education, money, or network? Guess what? Believe in yourself and let God lead you!

  • Ask God to order your steps.
  • Trust your prayers.
  • Activate your faith and most importantly GO FOR IT!

Let me tell you… I’m the oldest I’ve ever been, but I’m still YOUNG and I still don’t want to live my life with too many regrets going forward. I say too many, because I already have some and feel horrible about some choices I’ve made. But knowing what I know now, I want my days filled with happiness because I am going for what I desire.

FYI… Dreams are not always attached to profit!

Just because people tell you to follow your dream, doesn’t mean your dream will make you rich. So if you are going after your dream for that reason, you might want to re-evaluate it. I think we all want to be rich!

Your dream should:

  • Make you “happy”
  • Give you “peace”
  • Would be something you would do “for free”.

Most of the time, people’s dream, changes other peoples lives in some form or fashion. Most people’s dreams really seem to serve others. It’s just what I’ve seen. My dream is no different.

I hope you don’t let life get the best of you and continue in a day-to-day routine that will have you looking back 10, 20 or 30 years from now, saying:

  • What if…
  • Why didn’t I? …
  • I should have tried …

I can’t say you don’t have anything to lose going after your dream. Honestly, you could lose it all, but what happens if you don’t!? What happens if your dream comes true. Life Changes! That’s what happens. And even if it doesn’t, you tried. You went for it.

Basically ladies and gents, don’t stop dreaming

What are you dreaming about?

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