We’re excited to announce our first Dream Chat with two ladies who are giving the term, “Fly protective style” a whole new meaning. They have created a pre-curled hair collection that is quickly becoming a fan favorite among women who enjoy a beautiful crochet curl without the hassle.

I love that their story was created out of a phone conversation, that later turned into a business.

On Tuesday, July 21st at 9pm I will sit down with Tiffini Gatlin & Shavone Riggins as we discuss how they actually turned their DREAM into a full fledge business! We also discuss was are some of the hurdles they had along the way, in addition to who were their biggest supporters. I would love to know, how do they keep themselves motivated and what was the moment they knew Curlkalon was actually real for them.

As they share their story, we hope it will motivate you to continue to go for your dream. We invite you to attend and definitely ask questions because just like you and I, their everyday people making extraordinary moves!

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How Do I Join?

When: Tuesday, July 21st at 9pm | RSVP HERE

Watch Live via Google Hangout bit.ly/TKPDreamChat

Watch Live via YouTube here on July 21st @ 9pm ET

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