I am very excited to write the words, “Welcome to the first blog post on the Knighten Project page!” This dream has been a long time coming.

What Exactly is The Knighten Project?

Our desire is to basically bless people with ONE DREAM come true. My dream opportunity would be to travel around the country surprising people with their one major dream request.

How Did I Come Up With This Idea?

Early 2013, I was on maternity leave with my 3rd child and I would watch Ellen everyday. Many times she would surprise her guest with life changing gifts. It would usually be something that they needed, but surely didn’t expect anyone would “gift” it to them. They were always caught off guard, and so very appreciative to her. I noticed each time a person would be granted what they really wanted or needed, I would get a tingly feeling. The same feeling I remember experiencing when Oprah surprised people. The feeling wasn’t because I wanted to be the receiver, but because I wanted to be the giver. I wanted to be the one on the other end, blessing people and changing lives.

I thought to myself, what if there was an organization that all they did, was bless people with something that would change their lives?

What if I were the one to do it?

Again, this was 2013 and I was on maternity leave. It was just an idea. I told my husband about it and he said it was a good idea but life continued on. I went back to work and kept this idea in the back of my head. I had even set up a meeting with my close friend Shataiva, who has a non-profit, Young Masterminds, to flush out my ideas.

Over the course of weeks, then months, now more than two years later I was still waiting on ME to birth this baby. I had pages of notes with ideas for The Knighten Project but my progress was slowed, almost stalled. There were a few times when I thought that my idea was crazy or that it wouldn’t work. Mainly because, I didn’t know any other organization exactly like it? And I wanted to create a business, for the sole purpose of blessing others and not to make me rich.

How would that work? 

One day, I told my husband I was going to stop dreaming, raise our kids and just live this life. I was sad that LIFE was just going to slow for me and I wasn’t seeing things happen as I thought they should. He told me, “If anyone shouldn’t stop dreaming, it’s you!” I listened but still had made up my mind, I basically quit life.

Then a few Sunday’s after that, my Bishop called me out and spoke into my life. He said, “The Lord does not want you to stop dreaming! You are going to create something that will change peoples lives!” He said more, but that is the jist. Of course I raised my hands in surrender to God’s will and decided to give The Knighten Project a real go. 

Middle of the Road Dreamers

We all have career goals and things we want to accomplish. My dream job is to be a media correspondant. I want to bring people news that will help change their lives, or make life easier. But, The Knighten Project is my passion project. My life’s work. My legacy.

Honestly, I’m not dirt poor or filthy rich. I’m that person in the middle that goes to work every single day and can pay our bills, take care of our children but still can’t always buy what we truly desire because there is not a lot left over. There are so many people like me, who work and live but have given up on dreaming, because they just can’t see themselves making it happen. They might believe because they can’t afford it, they don’t have the right network or great opportunity – their dreams or desires will never come true. So, they keep on living but essentially, they have quit living.

I want to change that. I want people to dream again. I want to restore hope to the everyday person, that dreams can still come true.

I will not be able to grant all of someone’s dream, but the goal is to do at least ONE! One Big Dream! 

How Does The Knighten Project Work?

Individuals will enter their dream on our site, and everyone will be able to see their dream & first name. Our plan/desire is to partner with brands, major corporations, sponsors & donations from the public in assistance with granting these dreams. 

If one of these businesses or donors sees a dream they can easily fulfill, they will contact The Knighten Project and we will facilitate the exchange. The donors will always get credit when someone’s dream is granted.

For example (the process):

  1. Mary J.’s one big dream is to take her family to Disney.
  2. Mary J. enters her dream on TheKnightenProject.org
  3. XYZ Brand sees her dream on TKP website and would like to make it come true.
  4. The Knighten Project & XYZ Brand work out the logistics and create a creative way to surprise Mary J. and her family.
  5. Mary J. is granted a 7 Day Family Vacation to Disney on behalf of The Knighten Project and XYZ Brand
  6. Mary J. pays if forward by nominating Tim P. whose dream is own a home.
  7. The cycle continues.

My Dream is Your Dream Coming True

Again, there were so many times that I started and stopped the possibility of making this a reality. I was scared, nervous and just unsure. I would tell some people my idea and couldn’t gage their reaction. Is this a good idea? Is it crazy?

In the end, it’s what I desire to do. Change people’s lives, granting ONE DREAM at a time.

If you find it in your heart to donate, please do. Someone will be blessed.


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