In September my husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. My husband surprised me by booking a 5 day get-a-way. We initially took our children to their grandparents home to enjoy some quality family time. We then spent two days enjoying Ft. Lauderdale and then boarded a cruise boat for a 3 day, 2 night cruise in Palm Beach.

We boarded the Grand Celebration Cruise line early Monday afternoon and started getting familiar with the 12 floor boat. Around 4pm we had a cruise orientation, that gave us the cruise agenda in addition to some awesome things to look forward to.

Huge Social Media Win

During the cruise orientation, they shared details about their social media contest. The rules were to take a picture of yourself on the boat and share it on social media (#BahamasParadise).

Whoever had the most likes by the 2nd night, would win a 3 day, 2 night cruise. I quickly took a picture and simply asked my friends to “LIKE” it.

CruiseThanks to my friends, I had 112 likes on FB by the end of night two and we won the cruise! We were on a high about it, but in my heart I immediately wanted to give it away.

Honestly, I knew I was not going on another cruise in 3 months nor did I want to. I immediately asked my husband if we could give it away to a couple who could use a getaway and enjoy some quality “US” time.

3 Reasons Why We Wanted to Give Away a Cruise?

  1. More couples need vacations than we realized. Many parents are raising their children without additional help (family, friends & reliable sitters) and years go by before they actually get a weekend alone with their spouse.
  2. A couples vacation can recharge a marriage. We had such a great time alone for 4 days that I know our marriage is better because of it. We weren’t interrupted by “Mommy this or Daddy that!” and could talk about whatever we wanted with no responsibilities. The ship supplied everything. It allowed us to dream new dreams for our marriage, family, and future.
  3. Giving is good for the soul. We could have kept this cruise, but we felt so good after coming off of this trip – we wanted another couple to feel the same way. It’s a quick vacation but it’s time well spent alone with the one you love.

Who is Going on a Cruise?

I announced on FB via video, that we were giving away a 3 day 2 night cruise and who wanted to go? We had so many people tell us how they haven’t had a vacation and why this would be important for them.

It really made me sad and wish I could give everyone a vacation. It also made me realize that married couples don’t get away as much as they would like to or need to.

Thanks to Grand Celebration we are able to bless Sam & Sheneka Dennis with this cruise. Along with a donation from Fly Piggy, we will also pay for the taxes & port fees.

I personally rather not share all of the details of their story but it’s been a rough year emotionally and these two deserve a getaway.


I look forward to the pictures of their experience and feel blessed myself to be able to give a little piece of happiness.

Congrats Sam & Sheneka!

Help us congratulate this deserving couple.

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