For the last few years, Summer has gotten shorter and shorter for my children in the South. I am referring to Summer break, which is now exactly two months off (June & July).

Which means after you pay thousands of dollars in summer camp fees, you now have to pay for school supplies and school clothes. It’s a never ending cycle of money we have to spend for our children and sometimes, we just don’t have it at the time we need it.

school-suppliesIn the spirit of giving and making Dreams come true, we are going to give someone $100 worth of school supplies for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. We hope that this gift can cover an entire child’s school list, saving the parents money

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7 Money Saving Tips on Buying School Supplies:

  1. Home Inventory | Sometimes your children have left over supplies from the school year around the house, which means you don’t have to buy everything brand new.
  2. Garage Sales & Thrift Stores | People are selling supplies and clothes for low prices and they’re usually the best deal around.
  3. Dollar Store | Although, if you’re not careful, you’ll buy up the entire store – if you budget, you can get most of your list from the dollar store!
  4. Buy on No Tax Day | We have a No Tax Weekend once a year right before school starts. If you have multiple children heading back to school, the savings could be deep!
  5. Coupons | This is a no brainer! All stores offer sales around back to school time, but if you add coupons to your purchase you can sometimes double your savings.
  6. Buy in Bulk | You usually save more when you buy more. You will save more when you buy for the entire year versus a few months to get your child started.
  7. Use Social Media | Follow your favorite stores online and see their specials! With social media being so prevalent, they could offer specials you won’t see in the paper.

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