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I am the director of an inner city youth program that focuses on inspiring our students to dream and achieve beyond any limiting circumstances through hands-on career exploratory courses, intentional mentoring relationships, and practical faith application.

The greatest joy in working with our youth is when we get to see them discover their untapped talents and unlimited potential through the experiences we provide for them.

Mackenzie is a gregarious 7th grader who has been a part of our program now for a year. She is committed, bright, focused, well spoken, and selfless, always thinking of others before herself. Her family is making every effort to do the best they can and because of her mom’s health condition, she and her siblings do much of the housekeeping and cooking for the family. They don’t seem like they are starving, but I don’t believe there is much discretionary income, if any.

I learned yesterday from my assistant after a service project date that Mackenzie was a part of that she cannot see very well and is in need of glasses, but the family does not have eye insurance and obviously cannot afford to buy them.

Because Mackenzie is such an eager participant and hard worker in our courses, I felt compelled to try and do something. How much could her life be changed, with a simple pair of glasses?

Our program does not make a habit of reaching out for such needs, but Mackenzie is special and I feel that God has a hold of her heart. She never whines or complains that she has troubles or limitations, but always seems to look at the bright side of things.

I don’t find it coincidence that I somehow stumbled across the Knighten Project website this morning, perhaps God will use this wonderful “dream” connection to bless our sweet Mackenzie?